Welcoming Spring in Pink Jeans

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lace up sweater outfit casual.jpg
lace up sweater outfit.jpg

I have a confession everyone: I love pink. I was on Pinterest a few days ago and declared to my brother that I had found my dream house, a pink-brick three-story, complete with a cute balcony. And I of course have pink tops, shoes and other accessories, home accents, etc. BUT, I just recently bought my first pair of pink jeans and looooove them so much. And the more I wear them, the more I realize, pink is basically a neutral. It goes with everything, right? ;)

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You may remember last week when I shared this post, I was pretty confident that spring was never actually arriving. But good news everyone, because I'm sure each of you was VERY concerned, I think spring might actually be here....for real. The weekend was beautiful and even though we have a couple of really cool days this upcoming week, for the first time in about 800 days, there is no snow in the forecast! I'm SO excited!!!

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lace up sweater outfit casual.jpg
Spring outfits.jpg

In addition to these pink Levi's, below (the first in the options below...even though they're blue in the pic), I'm showing you some other super cute non-traditional jean options, perfect for spring and summer. Hope you all have a good week!