Fall Trends: Pink, Jumpers and White Booties

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Current Pieces:

Pink Corduroy Overall Dress, Amazon │ White Peep Toe Booties, Amazon

More White Booties and Fall Corduroy Pieces:


Corduroy Jumper Dress (Women’s, of Course:) )

I’m not sure why, but lately, I’ve had a weird little obsession with non-kid’s jumpers. And while a black corduroy jumper dress is a dime a dozen, for a few weeks, I’d been hunting for a pink one. Who would have thought I would have happened across exactly what I was looking for at Amazon. Although, what isn’t on Amazon? I actually don’t know why I’m surprised:) I was however a bit surprised by the price - under $15! Yes please!!!

The link is above, and if you’re curious, the fit is fantastic and the quality decent. The one downfall is the straps are not adjustable. And, me being on the vertically-challenged side, I need them to be for the dress to actually fit where it’s supposed to on me.

For this post, I pinned and tucked the straps. BUT, I did find a clever hack to adjusting overall straps on Pinterest. Of course, I can’t find that picture now, but essentially, you just pull the strap through the button hole and knot. It was sooooo cute!


Fall Pink Colors

Now if you’re wondering if you can wear pink in the fall of 2018….um, of course! Fall and winter pieces are meant by their designers to be purchased, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen plenty of pink everythings - boots, dresses, jackets, sweaters, and yes, even corduroy options.

A lot of the pink I’ve been gravitating toward has just a bit more mauve in, like this jumper. It’s definitely different than my spring pink items. But I’ve also seen numerous of, what I like to call winter-pinks, a cousin to winter white, and they look amazing!


White Booties Trend

I admit, when I first started seeing white booties, literally everywhere, I wasn’t sure how I felt. They seemed a little retro space-age. And then, all of a sudden one day, I woke up and loved them.

I also found these laser-cut peep toe options at Amazon (under $25!) and knew they were the ones for me. The reason? The heel. I love a cute chunky heel, but I love even more when it’s not faux-wood. One of my pet-peeves recently has been all of the shoe designers that so blatantly make heels that are faux-wood. They’re clearly some sort of plastic made to look like wood, with the fake grain in them. I have NO problem with people wearing them (I have a couple of pair that I wear frequently), but, if I want to pay for a decent pair of shoes, I expect them to at least look real.

The other day I was in Marshall’s and saw a pair that were selling for just under $100, I think their comparison price was $150. The designer is VERY well recognized but guess what, the heel was as fake as fake could be. They didn’t even try to make it look like a high-end fake wood heel. Sighhhh. They are super comfy, fit true-to-size and come in three colors (black, white or a dark tan).


What I’m Up To:

I mentioned last week our first football game was this weekend and it went pretty good. Of course, the first game always brings out things my teams could improve on, but overall, they looked fabulous! And the weather was perfect, so double yayyyy!

This week, I’m getting my hair cut (way past due) annnnd, have another trip coming up. You may remember I mentioned in the spring going to St. Louis as I was honored to have been selected to sit on a fashion panel for a brand I can’t yet disclose. Our second of three trips is this week in Louisville and I can’t wait. Through this extraordinary opportunity, I’ve met some of the most amazing women, and I can’t wait to see them again this week!

Anyone have any fun plans this week? Let me know in the comments below!