5 Things to Do This August (Plus the Perfect Tank for Everythang)

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So in case you haven't flipped your calendars dears, it's August. And if you're like me, you're kind of like, "what the fluff, where is summer going???" Sorry for the colorful language, BUT, August deserves a "fluff" from me because it means we're about to see the end of summer. If I could insert crying emojis into this post, I would do it here. Like two rows of them.

However, the mature me know's it's not August's fault. And the reality is, aside from being so close to fall, August is actually a really great month. So, instead of complaining, I've come up with 5 things to do this month - while we can still bank on the warm weather. And actually, you should do each of these at least once a week, making it more like 20-25 things you should do in August:)

And in between, I'll be showing you this little casual outfit with pieces from Old Navy. I didn't do any Nordstrom Sale shopping, but Old Navy definitely helped me out with a few pieces I needed for the remainder of summer. Get the details below:)

Casual Summer Outfits

1) Brunch. And, by "brunch" I actually just mean sit outside and eat. And take all day to do so:)

Purses for Sale

2) Visit the Farmer's Market. The fresh produce is too tasty not to take advantage of.

Gold Wedges

3) Speaking of fresh produce, salad is soooo good in the summer. Definitely learn a new salad recipe and use the veggies from the Farmer's Market to do so.

Pink Tank Top

4) Take a day off. Not a day off to "work" around your house. Just take a random day off to do crazy things like have a glass of wine on your porch at noon. Or to go to the Farmer's Market:)

White Bag

5) Wear your favorite summer outfit. Don't save it for "the right time," or the "perfect night." Just wear it...if you're over dressed, be overdressed. If you're under-dressed, be under-dressed. But definitely enjoy the good things.

Wedge Sandals
Old Navy Sale

Get the Look

Tank, Old Navy (on sale NOW!) │ Jeans, Old, Similar Here │ Bag, Old Navy (sold out, but similar here) │ Shoes, Old, Similar Here, Here and Here

Happy August my friends - enjoy!!!