What to Expect With Faux Lashes

**This post is sponsored by Private Label Extensions. Opinions my own. Thank you for supporting the brands the support my blog!

Whew...ladies! Can you believe, I have NEVER (as in, ever) donned fake lashes. True story. That fact actually surprises me a little bit considering, welllll, it's me. I'm pretty girly. I like putting my fancy pants on whenever I get the chance. 

That has changed. Big time actually. I've had the chance to collaborate with Private Label Extensions and tried out 2 of their 100% mink and 100% hand-crafted lashes. Private Label Extensions are perfect for those of you shopping for top-of-line lashes for yourself, OR, shop and boutique owners who would like to order larger quantities to supply for their customers. Needless to say, I'm hooked. BUT, there were a few things that surprised me once I had the chance to try them:

1) I was NOT prepared for how dramatic the change in my appearance would be, just from lashes. Like...I kind of was checking myself out, like, "who is that?" 
2) It took practice to apply them. I was initially trying to get them to stick acting like I was Gentle Ben, when I really needed to be She-Ra. You know, grab the lashes, apply the glue, and press them into my lash-line like a boss opposed to an intern. It took me awhile to get that concept.
3) Lashes feel weird on, but not in an uncomfortable way. It's just, well, you notice them.
4) I also kept wondering if other people noticed them. 
5) I needed to use more glue than I thought it seemed like I should. I initially was using a "thin layer." I've modified that to a "generous layer."
6) YouTube is the best for eyelash application tutorials. Fo realz.

How many of you are faux-lash-lovers? For those of you that are, and for those of you who are considering making them a part of your routine (occasional or day-to-day), definitely check out Private Label Extensions! Their quality is on-point so you won't have to freak out that your lashes are going to fall off or out and basically be utterly humiliated and not able to show your face in public ever again. Phew. 

Below, I'm wearing the Alice (with the camel geo cut-out tank) and Ella (with the striped sweater) lashes, both $13.50 each. Be on the lookout for full style posts with each of the below as well:)

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