Winter Weekends were made for Cozy Sweaters like This

Happy Friday peeps - hope your weekend is off to a great start and you all had a happy turkey day!

You know those times when you go shopping for something very specific at Target, and end up with a bag full of clothing you didn't intend on purchasing but just couldn't resist? Yeah. Exactly how I ended up with this outfit. This sweater is sooooo soft and comes in three different colors. Because in winter I tend to migrate towards black, white and gray, for $19.99 (listed now for just under $14), I thought I should add a little color variance to my closet. And the jeans were on clearance for $15. Sooo, my bank wasn't completely emptied (justification for the purchases is sometimes necessary), and I ended up with two cute pieces I'll wear throughout the season.

Find the sweater here and the jeans here. Links to a few of my favorite grey booties (sorry, I've had these for years) are listed below.

Long Sweaters for Women
Purple Sweater
Oversized Knit Sweater
Skinny Jeans
Skinny Ripped Jeans
Skinny Jeans for Women

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