Vacation Coming Up? Use the Samsung Galaxy S9+ for all Your Photography Needs!

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OMG guys! I don't know about where you're at, but here in Northwest Indiana, the weather has been mind-blowing. I've almost forgotten about the fact just a few short weeks ago, it was snowing. I love when the weather turns nice - everyone is SO friendly, people are out and about enjoying life, and I've been thinking about my next vacation. I'm not sure where I'll end up but I know I'll be going somewhere soon:)

The only thing that makes me just a little anxious is the packing. I. Am. The worst. I'm always looking for ways to pack less and I think I've found one: the new Samsung Galaxy S9+ has made it way too easy to leave my DSLR at home...I won't need it thanks to this baby. The photos are crystal clear and I LOVE all the new features, my favorites of which I'm explaining below. 

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I know whenever a phone comes out with a more advanced model we all are excited by the new technology and although I've always been a user of the Galaxy S phones, the new technology on the Galaxy S9+ is life-changing. I know, I think I'm exaggerating. BUT, I am ALWAYS taking pics. For my blog, for social media and personal photos that you might never see, but I still want crisp clear pictures or videos of my family, friends and trips that I take. 

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Reviews

Lets start with the Dual Aperture. I'll explain this in layman's terms assuming that, like me, you're not a professional photographer. Have you ever taken a photo of you and your besties at dinner in a dimly lit restaurant? How did it turn out? Most likely, it was dimly lit, just like the restaurant. I bet you couldn't even make out the difference between the hot pink and light pink stripes in your jumpsuit (that's the real tragedy, am I right?). Think about Dual Aperature like the human eye. It will automatically adapt to light so whether you're someplace bright or not so bright, your pictures still turn out gorgeous. And each of your photos will be displayed in it's full edge-to-edge beauty thanks to the infinity screen the Galaxy line is known for. 

I've also been playing around with the new Super Slo-Mo function. This is going to be so much fun for my social media! The Galaxy S9+ makes it easy to then add music or create a fun PROFESSIONAL looking GIF. This phone packs such a punch with all of the professional features - for those of us who are not professionals! Another fun feature are the AR Emojis. That's right, you can turn your selfie into an augmented reality version of yourself and share in emoji stickers or videos!

To use the Super Slo-Mo function: Navigate to your phone's camera. Notice the camera's options at the top (in yellow). Scroll to the Super Slo-Mo option. Begin recording your video by tapping on the "red" button at the bottom-center of your screen. Super Slo-Mo will begin when motion is detected in the "square" that appears on your screen.

To create AR Emojis: Navigate to your phone's camera. If it is not already in "selfie" mode, switch to the front camera by tapping the camera with the arrows around it in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Select AR Emoji at the top (in the yellow options). The phone will recommend removing glasses and moving hair away from the face. Take your selfie and then select male or female. Press next. On the next screen, you can adjust the skin tone, making it lighter or darker. Notice in the lower left hand corner several options - hair, glasses, or outfit. Create your custom emoji by selecting each of these options and making selections that most closely resemble you. By tapping "Create Emoji," your emojis are saved to your gallery for later use. Check out my personal emoji below:

Galaxy S9 Plus Emojis

Alright, so, want to know my VERY favorite feature??? Live Focus is everything I want for my blog and social media photos and I am SO SO excited about it. Live Focus allows you to SIMPLY focus on the subject of your photo and it blurs the background for you. Again, just like a professional. Plus, in the correct conditions, you can even add bokeh filters to your Live Focus photos to make the lights even prettier. In the past, I've uploaded pictures into a different app and then blurred the background manually which is SO time consuming and hard to make look just perfect. No more of that, thank goodness!

To use Live Focus: Navigate to your camera and select the Live Focus option (in the yellow options). Once selected, another option will be turned on the lower portion of the screen which allows you to adjust the level of the background blur. Once the proper amount of blur is selected, you can tap on your focal point (if the subject is not already in focus) and take your photo just like normal. If you are in a location with lights, you will also be given the bokeh filter option. This will make your lights look just a little prettier, and you can even select the shape. Yay!

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And just a few other camera features you might appreciate: 1) if traveling overseas, check out the Live Translation - the camera will instantly read what you're pointing at. Perfect for when you aren't sure what something says or means! 2) Intelligent Scan is a security feature in which your camera instantly recognizes you thanks to facial recognition and iris scan, making your phone a cinch to unlock even in low light.

On a side note, and this has nothing to do with the amazing photography technology in the Galaxy S9+, I also want to point out, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is water resistant, so if you get stuck in the rain, you don't have to stuff your phone into all parts of your clothing (not that I've ever done that, wink, wink). 

It's soooo easy to pick up your future favorite phone:) Stop by the Galaxy display on your next shopping adventure to Costco - bam! You've got a new phone and food and household items all in one trip!

Samsung at Costco

The Galaxy S9+ comes in three color options: Lilac Purple, Midnight Black and Coral Blue. 

If you have any other questions about the phone I didn't answer, feel free to ask it in the comments section below!