How I'm Spending Vacation, and My New Favorite Pillow!

Happy Wednesday everyone, hope you had a great Christmas!!! One of my favorite things about this time of year, besides getting to see my family, is getting a little time off. I meeeean, is there anything better than Christmas vacation??? This year, even I can admit that I am in desperate need of a break, and with that said, I've listed a few things currently happening on my Christmas/New Year's vay-cay (and yes, doing them all in my PJ's)!

1) Catching up with friends and family...and laughing...A LOT!!!
2) I just signed up for NETFLIX so I could binge one of my faves (The Office). Any other suggestions?
3) LOTS of lounging (and snuggling)!
4) Drinking an obscene amount of hot chocolate, it is winter after all!

On a side note, I am OBSESSED with this pillow from Ankit!!! So fun you guys - everyday I change it up and let's be serious....we all need a few more sequins in our lives:)Throw pillows are the easiest way to give a room an entire new feel and aside from this cutie petutie, I'm also obsessing over this LOVE pillow and this Gold Mandala round pillow.

Pajamas for Women
Women's PJs
Sequin Throw Pillow
Winter Things

I found this pajama set at Kohl's before Christmas and I'm contemplating not taking them off until spring. There isn't anything wrong with that, right?

Hope you all have had a great week so far, I cannot believe 2017 is RIGHT around the corner!

**Thank you to Ankit for providing the pillow seen in this post. Thank you for supporting the brands and businesses that support my blog!

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