5 Goals for 2018

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What. In the. World. It's 2018 people! I honestly feel like we should still be back in like, May of 2017 but you know what they say...time flies.

Are you all resolution makers or not? Me? Not so much. I am however a goal-setter and of course, there is no better time to set a few goals than at the start of something. Like a new year:) Here's what I'm looking to cross off my list in 2018:

1) Blog and create, create and blog. I think anyone who knows me, knows this is what I LOVE doing. That said, it usually gets lost in the shuffle...I don't want that to be the case in 2018. This whole lil' thing I'm doing, I definitely want to take from hobby to career.
2) Sell some tees:) So, remember this post featuring my new favorite tee? My lips were sealed for a variety of reasons, but now they can share as much as I want about this lil' endeavor that I've started with a friend. SO excited! Visit our store here.
3) Sell some classes. Ok, for like 2 years, I've wanted to teach online classes. I need to get my butt in gear and do it. I actually do have an education degree, so this is my chance to really use it.
4) Food prep. This probably sounds soooo boring, but you guys, I need to start doing this on the regular. I never do and end up typically reaching for garbage instead of the healthier options in my refrigerator.
5) Relax. I don't mean kick back with my feet up while eating bon-bons. I mean stop worrying so much about things I can't control. I don't know why, but I have such a fear of messing up that it seems like I spend a huge part of my day worrying. And usually about nonsense.

What are some of your goals in 2018?

And now, onto the really important things, you know, like what I've been wearing:) A month or two ago, I stopped at Marshall's (dangerous, I know), where I found this faux-leather skirt. I thought about it for about decade (probably closer to three minutes) and decided I really should make it mine (on clearance for $7, BTW). And now, I seriously can't stop wearing it. You may have seen it on my IG stories several times actually.

Ankle Boots.jpg
Velvet Ankle Boots.jpg
Black Faux Leather Skirt.jpg
Black Suede Boots.jpg
Winter Outfits.jpg
Cute Winter Outfits.jpg
Velvet Booties.jpg

Get the Look:

Necklace, c/o Criscara │ Clutch, c/o Laudi Vidni │ Jacket, Similar │ Sweater, Old Navy (Similar) │ Skirt, Similar │ Tights, Target │ Nine West Velvet Booties, MEGA Sale You Guys!

Hope you all had an AMAZING start to the New Year; Happy 2018 y'all!

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