Skin-Sational! Learn how to Score a Perfect Summer Glow!

Hey pretty ladies, lets talk skincare!

I have to say, late winter and early spring my skincare routine became a little hodge-podge and my skin showed it - it was a mess! Dry, dull and lifeless. 

I was so excited when I was given the opportunity recently to try a few products from Simy Skincare. Have you heard of them? ALL of their products work to help in the reversal of chronological and photoaging. Full of healthy natural ingredients, each product leaves skin feeling fresh and looking youthful. Read below to learn how you can save $15 on your first purchase at SimySkin!

Skincare Products to maintain youthful appearance

One of the keys to a healthy looking skin is maintaining a routine. I'm so glad to have gotten back on track thanks to the help of these fine gems:

Gel Cleanser Anti-Aging for Him/Her ($45): This isn't a heavy thick cleanser that you might be used to, but it easily removed my makeup and left my skin feeling clean but not dry. It's enriched with 10 natural essential oils, antioxidants, B-12 and other vitamins, all of which help to hydrate and restore skin.

Micro Exfoliating Toner ($40): I was a little nervous to try this toner, as usually they have a crazy drying effect on my skin - but I didn't experience that AT ALL with the SimySkin Toner. It's a concentration of 10% glycolic acid plus lactic and salicylic acids. Since we've been experiencing so much sticky humidity lately (leaving my skin a sweaty mess), I'm convinced this toner has helped to keep potential breakouts at bay.

Deep Hydrating Mask ($40): Here's a twist: this is a leave-on mask!! WHAT? I've never heard of anything like it and was convinced my bedding would be a mess after using it. First, my bedding is fine, absorbs nearly instantly and all of the mask's moisturizing nutrients work while I sleep. I absolutely adore how my skin feels and looks in the morning after using.

Here's another little secret about SimySkin - the made in the USA products are targeted to specific age groups! Meaning whether you're 18 or 68, they've grouped products together specific to fit your needs.

I can't wait for you to shop the line for yourself - SimySkin is giving all of my readers an opportunity to save $15 on ANY product!! Just use the code BLACKCOFFEE15 at checkout:)

Stay pretty loves!

**Thank you to SimySkin for providing samples of the above products for editorial review. Opinions my own.

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