Surviving Single: How to be Alone During the Holidays

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I know what you’re thinking after reading that title, “ohhhh, this post is going to be sad and depressing.” False. It actually won’t be because, gasp, even though I’m single, I still love Christmas and New Year’s and all the jazz that goes with it.

How to Deal with Being Single

People ask me all the time, “isn’t it so hard for you to be alone at Christmas?” No, but do you know what is hard? You asking me, and by “asking,” I mean insinuating, that I should be sad during the entire month of December because I’m single. Don’t get me wrong, would I prefer to not be single, yeah, of course. BUT, believe it or not, when I get up every morning, the first thing on my mind isn’t the fact that I’m single. It’s not even the second thing. If fact, most days, gasp, I don’t think about it at all.


See, I don’t really think of myself as “alone.” I meannnnn, have you met my family and friends? They’re pretty awesome! And most days, I’m pretty happy with my life. I stay busy, I laugh a lot. And God help me if the only way other people will take me seriously is if I end up with a man. I hope I do. But, if I don’t, does that mean my life was a wash? Yikes! I hope not.

The other day I was standing in a line longer than long, waiting to check out with some Christmas goodies I’d picked up. The lady standing behind me was super sweet and we got to chatting. Eventually the conversation turned to family and what her kids were wanting/hoping for, etc. She asked if I had children and I said no. She then said, “Married?” I told her no, that I was single. She gave me the saddest look of sympathy and very empathetically said, “don’t worry, there’s still time.”


My first thought was, “oh S*!$, am I dying? Is this like a disease or something? Was there a vaccine I missed before I went to kindergarten? I know this lady was just trying to be nice, but honestly, I don’t want your sympathy…that’s what makes me feel bad about being single.

I do think a lot of people let themselves get sucked into the, “oh no, I’m still single trap,” and I guess if you do, that does get depressing. Trust me, sometimes it does hit me and I do freak out a little bit. But, freaking out doesn’t make me feel better. It’s never brought Prince Charming into my life. The only thing freaking out has done is made me sad. So, although tempting, I’ll nix that idea. Instead, I have a few others you might want to try if you find yourself single during this season, or any season really.


Living Single and Being Happy

1) Keep Busy. I know I mentioned this above, and it sounds cliche, but, I don’t think (or dwell) on the fact that I’m single because I have so much going on. Whether it’s work, or a blog, or hanging out with friends or family, just do something!

2) Stay Away from Sappy. I had a friend once who was always SO sad about being single that it would actually depress me a little too. In her spare time though, she was notorious for watching the sappiest movies on Hallmark and Lifetime. No wonder she was depressed! Just stay away from those things if you aren’t going to feel better about yourself after.

3) Don’t Be So Lonely, you Settle. You know what’s right, and who’s right for you. Don’t just be with someone to not be alone. That’s no way to live either and one of the big reasons to be single.

4) Keep Busy. Did I mention that one already? Yeah, it’s kind of important.

5) Don’t Believe the “Sympathizers.” You know who I’m talking about. The people who make you feel like there is something wrong with you because you’re single. That you’re somehow “less-than.” That’s a hard place to be in - caving to the notion that YOU have something wrong with YOU. YOU are exactly where God wants you to be. For whatever reason, there you are. Which actually just makes you perfect. Remember that.


I know these tips aren’t ideal - I mean, if you’re reading this and you’re single, you want me to tell you exactly how to enjoy being single, or you’re just wanting me tell you when, where and who, right? Since I can’t do that, I hope you do find some comfort in knowing that you’re good. Single, not single, Christmas or Easter. You’re good:)

So see, that wasn’t depressing at all was it:) And hopefully we’ve all learned a little something - if you’re single, you still are amazing. If you’re not single, please don’t tell your single friends, “there’s still time.” LOL!!!


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