Shopping My Closet with More 90's Fashion Ideas

Shop Less, Wear More


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Hello, hello! My intention with this post originally had nothing to do with the 90’s, since I just posted about it here. BUT, when cute outfit inspo strikes, there’s really no turning back. So lucky you - I’m talking 90’s fashion again but also why I’ve been shopping my closet more than normal.

So how do you shop your closet? I fully believe an up and coming trend is learning to re-style the pieces you already own. Don’t get me wrong…I love all things new and there are a few things I’m actually hoping to pick up this week. But re-inventing looks you’ve already purchased is such a money-saver.

Take this dress. You know how people say you should get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a specific amount of time? I understand that, and I actually do closet purges pretty frequently. But this dress? I never even considered parting ways with it. This red polka dot mini dress is too special for that (even though I haven’t worn it since the mid-90’s).


This my friends, was my high school graduation dress. And while I remember very little about my high school graduation - for some reason, I’m not a fan of traditional ceremonies. Even my own. In fact, I tried my hardest to get out of my college graduation ceremony but my mom guilted me into going. And I still have that dress too, it’s from Express in Merrillville, IN. My 8th grade graduation dress? Glenbrook Square in Fort Wayne, and yes…I still have that as well. I’m sensing a series coming on:)

Anyway, back to this dress. I picked it up in a mall outside Dallas, TX on a visit to see my brother who was in college in the area. I knew immediately it was my graduation dress….even though it was almost a year until graduation. I think I’ve worn it once or twice since then, but it’s been on the “do not give away” side of my closet literally, for years.


I don’t remember what shoes I wore it with, or how I wore my hair, but I’m thinking it wasn’t Converse. And although scrunchies, bows and hair scarves were the norm back then, my hair was probably down.

If you’re thinking you should be shopping your closet more, and buying less, you’re not alone. Like I said, this is kind of a trend in itself. Be sure when you go on any shopping excursions this fall to not completely rely on the blinking signs that scream, “Fashion Trends Fall 2019 Here.” For every classic piece you buy now, it’s one more option you’ll be able to rely on for years to come. I also love cute summer outfit ideas that will easily transition to fall and with this, all I have to do is pair with a denim jacket.


Fashion Trends in the 90’s

Ok, we’re back to the 90’s:) Since I’ve already done a post about some of my favorite 90’s pieces, I thought it would be fun to hear from a few other people and what their take on 90’s fashion is. It’s so funny that everyone seems to have their one favorite “thing,” from the 90’s, although, nobody said “big hair,” (thank goodness).

Tie Dye and Neon

Valerie Halfon is the founder and CEO of Shop With Val, a wardrobe consulting business operating in Houston and New York City. She’s worked with hundreds of clients at nearly every age and every size spanning 22 countries.

Valerie’s favorite 90’s trends were neon and tie-dye (raise your hand if you went to a tie-dye party in the 90’s✋✋✋). She’s purchased a couple of tie-dye shirts recently and has a suggestion for anyone who is a fan of neon: “it’s great in small doses! Keep it simple and tasteful. A neon pump or clutch can be really fun and playful and shouldn't break the bank.” These are great pieces to not spend a lot on, as Valerie states, “they won’t be timeless pieces, so don’t go crazy.”


Bucket Bags and Overalls

Victoria Barbara is a model with over 1 million Instagram followers and has appeared in Elle, Marie Claire, GQ, Women’s Health and more. She’s also smitten with the 90’s trend and happens to be loving bucket hats and overallls which is ironic because, as Victoria told me, “I used to to dislike them, and now I have three bucket hats and two pair of overalls.”

It’s fine Victoria, I’m totally here for these pieces too:)


Printed Sets

While we’re talking, irony, Kendra Y. Hill, a fashion stylist who grew up in the 90’s, was never really a fan of 90’s fashion. But now? “Here I am, a 30-something in 2019 finding myself running through thrift stores and random websites looking for the hottest 90’s fashions.” One of the things she hated in the 90’s? Matching sets! Kendra puts in mildly, “they were the bane of my existence, but now I can’t get enough. I find myself scooping up every printed set I can find and pairing them with everything from sneakers to stilettos.” Learn more about Kendra by visiting her website,


Track Suits

Lastly, I know y’all would be lying if you said you grew up in the 90’s and didn’t own a track suit (or 20)! Liz Jeneault, Faveable’s vice president of marketing loved wearing track suits as a kid, and is equally comfortable in them now. She was so right when she told me, “they fit in with the athleisure style that people are embracing these days.”


Alright my friends, your turn - what your favorite 90’s trend (or one you wish would be buried forever)? Can’t wait to hear what you’re loving or hating!