Under $50! My Budget Shopping Day at Gordman's

How to Look Good on a Budget


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I’m about to tell you all something earth shattering: I LOVE to shop!!! Ok, ok…maybe that wasn’t breaking news, but some people might not realize that I’m on a pretty strict budget. I mean, I’m single and have bills to pay, so I have to be smart about how I spend. And I think it’s also a pretty common mis-conception that if you are living a little more frugally, you can’t shop/can’t dress nice/can’t keep up with trends.


That’s SO not true guys! You might not be able go crazy at Nordstrom’s, but you can absolutely be on trend without breaking the bank. And since I’m a fan of putting my money where my mouth is, I took a little trip to my local Gordman’s just to see if $50 could get me some cute options to help complete my summer wardrobe. Here’s what I was searching for:

  • Leopard Print Midi or Maxi Skirt

  • Lightweight Printed Pants

  • Summer Sandals

  • Dresses/Skirts/Rompers

  • Cute Summer Tops

I knew I wouldn’t likely find everything and be able to stay under budget, but the above are a pretty good representation of what I love to wear in summer, and I thought having a mental list in mind would be better than going in and wanting everything.


Here’s what I didn’t find: sandals, kind of. I actually found one pair I was in love with - super cute Sam Edelman platform espadrilles with all the tassels, BUT, they didn’t have them in my size. I did find a few other pair of sandals that I loved, but they were fairly similar to some I already had in my closet, and since I was being for real when I said I only wanted to spend $50, I put them back. Even though I didn’t want to. There were some really cute metallic Express boots I had my eye on that were on clearance and I think I might have to go back for them.

I didn’t end up with any of the dresses or jumpsuits I tried on. I found some I liked, but when I laid out all of my “like/want” items, I realized, I didn’t want those particular pieces as much as the ones I ended up with.


I also didn’t find the leopard midi/maxi skirt that I’m still searching for, BUT, you may have guessed, I found the CUTE leopard palazzo pants seen above, complete with pockets. Of all the animal patterns I’m a fan of, leopard print has always been on top, so I’m loving the fact it’s so on trend right now.

I’m kinda a sucker for a cute floral pattern, and when I saw these cute floral print linen pants, I absolutely knew they had to be mine. In love. They also have pockets, are super comfy and would be the perfect option for a vacation outfit.

Casual Outfit Ideas for Summer


I had a moment a couple of weeks ago when I was standing in front of my closet realizing, “I had nothing to wear.” It’s weird how the day before, I totally had something to wear. And I think the day after, I definitely had something to wear, but that day, there was nothing. I think I actually just wanted a cute fun top. A print or ruffle, a cutout or lace inset…just something different than what I was seeing.

Which leads me to the cute-petutie finds I ended up with. Something struck me about the pink floral button down. I very rarely do a button down because they usually don’t fit me correctly. They’re too tight across the bust and big everywhere else, or vice versa. This one however was ultra-soft and I thought it was too cute to not try on and when I did, it fit perfectly!

Is there another print more perfect for the summer season than cactus? Nope. And I knew before I tried it on, this tank with the cacti was going home me. I still tried it on, you know, just in case and still loved it, so yes, it’s now hanging sweetly in my closet for the next time, “I have nothing to wear.”

the-best-time-to-wear-a-striped sweater.jpg

Two things that weren’t really on my list but I bit the bullet anyway: the Madewell tee for $1.98 (yes, a whole rack of them…I have no idea why I didn’t get one in all the colors), and this adorable striped sweater for…..(make the drumroll noise as you’re reading this)…..$0.98! For that price, I had to, and don’t even feel a little bad about it.

Here’s the pricing breakdown:

Striped Sweater: $0.98
Madewell Tee: $1.98
Cactus Tank: $8.99
Leopard Print Pants: $9.99
Button Down Top: $11.99
Floral Print Pants: $12.99

Grand Total: $46.92

I was $3 under - yay me!!!

I think I’m going to try to do these every so often just as a reminder that we don’t have to have ginormous spending budgets to get everything we need to look our best. Where are your favorite places to budget shop? TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are two of my other go-to’s as well.

Budget Shopping Tips:

  1. I referenced this above, but, make a list thinking about what you want versus what you need.

  2. Don’t rush! Sometimes, like my Madewell tee, inexpensive pieces are right there out in the open for you to find. Other times, you have to search a little bit. Allow time to do so.

  3. Try on everything you want. It doesn’t matter how cheap it is, if it doesn’t fit well or look good on you, you are wasting money by purchasing it.

Check out a few budget finds I found online below…each piece is under $25!!