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5 Ingredient Friday: Fresh Homemade Pico De Gallo

I'm so excited to share this lil' recipe with you all as it's one of my absolute favorites. There is nothing like fresh food, especially in summer, although I make this year round. I adapted this recipe from one I found when I was searching for a rice bowl recipe similar to a Chipotle rice bowl, AND, if you care for the whole kit-and-caboodle, I'm sharing that as well because it's so delicious. But, I would say over half the time I make the pico, I'm making it without the rice concoction, to serve as a snack for myself or friends, or to take to a party.

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5 Ingredient Friday: Fresh Fruit Quick Dessert or Snack Idea

So this first recipe, isn't really even a true "recipe," more like a snack idea that everyone loves. I never thought much about a proper name for it, but, it seems justified, so we'll just call it Mini Cheesecake Grahams. Wait, No Bake Mini Cheesecake Grahams, because I know people do a double take when they see the words "No Bake." Call me shallow, but I want my posts to get all sorts of internet attention. Obvi. In real life, I promise I'm not shallow:) Also, it might take longer to pronounce this than actually make it. Anyhoo...screenshot the below to keep this idea handy:)

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