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Vacation Coming Up? Use the Samsung Galaxy S9+ for all Your Photography Needs!

OMG guys! I don't know about where you're at, but here in Northwest Indiana, the weather has been mind-blowing. I've almost forgotten about the fact just a few short weeks ago, it was snowing. I love when the weather turns nice - everyone is SO friendly, people are out and about enjoying life, and I've been thinking about my next vacation. I'm not sure where I'll end up but I know I'll be going somewhere soon:)

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How Often Should You Post on Instagram?

I get asked this question ALL the time. The truth is, there isn't necessarily a right answer. I think I would be doing each of you a disservice if I didn't tell you, everyday is ideal. Being in front of your followers and showing off your products, blog posts or services as often as possible is never a bad thing.

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Insert NoFollow Links into your Squarespace Site AND Get them to Open in a New Window

I love Squarespace for so many reasons, but one of those reasons is not because they make adding "nofollow links" so easy. They don't. TBH, it's a huge pain in the butt. For those of you that aren't sure what a NoFollow link is, they're kind of a big deal.  Before we get into exactly what a nofollow link is, let's set it up a little...

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