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Get Yoself Together with Gordman's Series: Closet Organization

We’re inching ever closer to fall which to me means two things: back-to-school shopping and closet organization. I’m doing a quick little organizational series with Gordman’s over the next week and I can’t wait to show you what I found and how Gordman’s is helping me get organized this season. First up, the tips I use for a clean closet each fall season!

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The Sweater you Need for Summer Nights

…But first, I bring you, "What to Wear on a Cool Summer Night." In about three months, I'll regurgitate this to, "What to Wear on a Warm Fall Day." Approximately five months after that, this post will become, "A Casual Spring Outfit." You might be sensing some things here: 1) I'm lazy and don't want to write any more posts that I have to, and 2) I absolutely positively ADORE versatile pieces….

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5 Things to Do In the Next 30 Days - May

It's never too late to be reminded to do something new, different, fun, etc. Take a peek at my 5 Things to Do in the Next 30 Days and try to complete 1, or all 5, of them. PLUS, I'm showing you my favorites faux suede tops and dresses for the season:)

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