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Go-To Jumpsuits for Summer

Alright, so let's talk go-to summer pieces. Jumpsuits guys. That's it. Each and every summer, I gravitate to them like a bird to a nest. I found this cute peek-a-boo one at Target earlier this spring, ironically, when I was looking for nothing clothes-related. But you know, it's Target. And it's v hard to not just take a quick peak through the clothes. And then take a quick trip to the dressing room. And then rationalize why you need a new jumpsuit, where you'll wear it to and make a deal with yourself that you'll never buy another jumpsuit ever again if you get this one (which is such a lie, and I know it, but still). So, I got it. And honestly, I have worn it a multitude of places and I don't even remember the silly little whatever I actually went to Target for in the first place. 

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