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Welcoming Spring in Pink Jeans

I have a confession everyone: I love pink. I was on Pinterest a few days ago and declared to my brother that I had found my dream house, a pink-brick three-story, complete with a cute balcony. And I of course have pink tops, shoes and other accessories, home accents, etc. BUT, I just recently bought my first pair of pink jeans and looooove them so much. And the more I wear them, the more I realize, pink is basically a neutral. It goes with everything, right? ;)

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Sequins, Jeans and the Perfect Eye Palette

If you haven't noticed, I'm a huge fan of distressed denim. I'm also a huge fan of bling - sequins, crystals, glitter, you know...basically anything that sparkles. SO, when I found this pair of jeans from Seven7 Jeans, well, it was totally life changing. Obvi.

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Shirtdresses for Spring

Does anyone else get to this time of year and just want to shop? I don't know what it is about spring (or almost spring) that makes me want to purge my closet and re-stock it with, well, anything I can find that's new, but I have a serious case of it right now...

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