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Why So Wintery, Spring?

You guys. Winter. Is never. Ending. Although I'm totally over it, I did notice this week that there are some spring-things popping out - green grass and buds on trees. I've heard people say this past week, "don't complain when it gets hot outside that you're too hot." Umm....ok, trust me, you will never hear me complain that I'm too hot. You will however hear me complain when it's snowing in April that, well, it's snowing in April. And it's cold. And it's snowing in April.

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Summer Trend Alert: Super-Deconstructed Denim

"Deconstructed" can have two totally different connotations. If your talking about a bridge...deconstructed is bad. But when your talking about jeans...well, I'm a fan! Check these new favorites from Lookbook Store!!

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