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Learn to Run Plus the Two Free Workout Apps I Use to Get Into Shape

Need some fitness tips or a running program for beginners? In this post, I’m sharing how I get into shape each spring with with a running workout, plus, how I’m mixing it up this season with my favorite running app!

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The Cute Retro Sneakers you Need in Your Closet Right Now

A girl can’t have too many retro vibes in her wardrobe can she? I fell in love with these cute sneakers from Poppy and paired them with jeans and a sweatshirt for a casual winter look. And as a bonus, I’m sharing my tips to get rid of muscle tension in your neck and shoulders because, ain’t nobody got time for that:)

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Sweatshirts and Pleated Skirts

Ok guys, I know what you're thinking: this girl has an issue with pleated skirts. Or, this girl needs another pleated skirt like a hole in the head. Or, does this girl realize there's more to life than pleated skirts? The answer is no, I don't realize it, that's why I keep wearing them. That and they're soooo-oooo cute. Take this velvet beauty...

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