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The Sweater you Need for Summer Nights

…But first, I bring you, "What to Wear on a Cool Summer Night." In about three months, I'll regurgitate this to, "What to Wear on a Warm Fall Day." Approximately five months after that, this post will become, "A Casual Spring Outfit." You might be sensing some things here: 1) I'm lazy and don't want to write any more posts that I have to, and 2) I absolutely positively ADORE versatile pieces….

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5 Things to Do This August (Plus the Perfect Tank for Everythang)

Don't be sad it's August, soak up every last bit of summer with these five MUST-DO warm weather activities. Actually, you could do most of them in the cold weather...they're just better in summer:) Plus, I scored some super cute pieces at Old Navy, like this adorable tank you absolutely need in your closet!

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