Time Management 101: the Apps and Services that Really Do Make My Life Easier

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Ahhh sweet time. It goes by too quickly and there’s never enough of it. I mean, just yesterday I was prepping for July 4th, and now, well, Merry Christmas:) We might not be able to physically slow down time, but I do have a few things I use from time to time that help. Keep in mind, these aren’t money saving tips. For those, try this post here. Sometimes, we do have to spend a little to gain a little.


Time Management Tips for Meals

So the biggest time suck for me is cooking. I shouldn’t say “time suck.” That sounds so negative and I actually enjoy cooking. But there are definite days and weeks when I really just don’t have time. Enter Freshly! If you haven’t heard of this meal service before, it’s because they’ve only been on the East Coast, but as of this month, they are officially taking orders nationwide.

What makes Freshly different than other meal services? Number 1, it’s super healthy. These are chef-cooked meals - they are gluten-free, packed with protein, free from refined sugars and all natural. They also have no artificial preservatives. You can choose how many meals you want per week (4, 6, 9 or 12) and you can choose your own meals. They are not frozen and all the meals can be microwaved.

Because of some posts I am creating on Instagram for them, I was lucky enough to try some of the delicious meals for myself. And guess what? You can get $20 off your first order of 6 meals with code style639 and this link. Using Freshly has been a HUGE time saver this past week and each of the meals have been soooo tasty! If you can't afford to use Freshly every week, I would still recommend it as your go-to during busy weeks.


Let Instacart Shopper Be your Grocery Getter

OMG, is there any bigger user of your time than grocery shopping? Instacart is about to make the dream of NOT going to the grocery store every week a reality.

Instacart is SO easy to use - you set up an account and essentially pick the store you want to shop at. Add the products you want to your cart, pay for it and with the click of your mouse or tap of your finger (there’s an app as well), you’re done. Keep in mind, there is a delivery fee (currently $3.99) and it’s always nice to tip your driver.

I had signed up when I had received or seen a code for $20 off my first order, which well made up for the delivery fee. I’ve noticed, the prices are just a little bit more expensive that in-store prices, so know that ahead of time. I don’t use this a lot, but I’ve noticed they do periodically email me coupons for additional discounts as well. If you really want to save a few minutes, I recommend making a list, just like you typically would and then search for the products individually.

Want to try Instacart for yourself? I’ve got a $10 code for you right here: https://inst.cr/t/2qjzPHHdV and, if needed, code LYODER15E18B. Not only will you get $10 off on your first order, but I will too! And just an FYI, this isn’t an affiliate code, if you use it and love it, you can refer your friends and family with a code automatically generated for you and start earning a few bucks on the side as well:)


Tis the Season for Gift Giving!

I think I’m one of the few people to feel this way, but, I loooove shopping for other people. It makes me so happy to try to find the perfect something for someone I love. That said, there isn’t always time to get that perfect something. Thank goodness there are so many gift boxes and baskets available to help me out. The one I’m showing here is from Wolferman’s and is perfect for the hostess with the mostest as it will make breakfast prep a little easier with some delicious treats for family or guests. Plus, can I just say, that basket!!! So darn cute! Check out the basket here.

Some other options are below:

I hope you were able to take away some ideas from this post - easy ways to start saving a little bit of time, especially this time of year. We all deserve a little bit of down time to enjoy the season. Admire the lights. And of course, eat the cookies:)

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