Tulle Skirts and T-Shirts

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I'm not sure what it is about tulle, but you guys, I am a little obsessive with it. I am certain there's nothing that will make me go "awww," quicker (aside from kittens, puppies and babies) than a tulle skirt.

I told myself after I picked up this beauty at Target a few weeks ago, that my tulle obsession needs to stop. I now have one in blush, black and a pastel patterned beauty I'll bust out in spring...I meeeaaan, how much tulle does a girl need? Really? 

This was actually the outfit I wore for New Year's (I'm only a month behind in posting it). Are you ladies just as infatuated with tulle as I am?

Tulle Tutu Skirt, Target, $19.99
Seven Day Weekend Tee, Target, $11.88

Tulle Skirt Outfit
Tulle Midi Skirt
Midi Skirt Outfit
Cute Winter Outfits
Blush Tulle Skirt
Pink Tulle Skirt

These sandals are (at least) 7 years old, but I've linked to some other cuties below:)

Hope your Mondays' are off to a great start!

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