Easy Skincare Tips to Refresh Skin this Spring

**This post is sponsored by VII Code Skincare. Thank you for supporting the brands that support my blog. All opinions my own.

I hate to beat a dead horse, guys, but, maybe you're new here. Or, maybe you read all of my posts but you've forgotten that I may have mentioned a time or two (as in 1 or 200) that this winter was rough. Not only did it make me super grumpy - that's what lack of sunshine and 18 million inches of snow does to a girl, it made my skin super gross. "Dry, dull and tired looking," is what I've been thinking every single time I look in the mirror.

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Sooo, I thought I should remind all of you (and me), how we can whip our skin back into tip-top shape now that spring has finally sprung. And getting that perfect spring glow doesn't have to be crazy-difficult with these tips below:

Tip #1: Water, water and more water. You've heard this before, but there is nothing better for our bodies and skin that ample hydration. So, make sure you're drinking it.

Tip #2: Add lemon. Water is hugely beneficial, but when you mix it with fresh lemon juice...wow! Here's the deal guys. The antioxidants found in Vitamin C, which lemon contains, fight damaging free radicals. The Vitamin C also helps your body product collagen, which helps to smooth out the lines in your face.

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Tip #3: Invest in a great skincare line, such as VIICode. All I can say is WOW everyone! I've had the privilege of using their Oxygen Eye Mask for the past couple of weeks and have not been disappointed. You know how thin skin is around the eyes, right? Well this is where I first notice "winter" setting in, and the last place that usually returns to normal. Until these little VII-wonders that is. Worn at night for up to eight hours, the mask sheets infuse skin with all sorts of good things - essential vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, botancials, peptides and essential fatty acids.

Skin is left feeling and looking so fresh (and so clean) (sorry, had to) and whether you're trying to combat dark circles, fine lines, dry skin, or a combo of any of those things, well...they'll be gone with the winter. Thank goodness, right?

The first time I wore the masks, they did feel a little strange...kind of like my glasses were still on. I know that's weird, since my glasses don't sit in that exact spot, but that really is what it felt like. By the second use, I barely noticed, and by the third, it didn't feel odd at all.

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Tip #4: Have a spot of tea. Maybe several spots, and make it green. Green Tea is known for it's high levels of antioxidants but can also help slow down aging, reduces oiliness and inflammation and might offer better sun protection than those who don't drink it. Amazing right?

Tip #5: Sleep. Oh I need help here guys. I have such trouble actually getting to bed and yet, sleep is SO good for me, especially for skin. When we sleep, blood flow to the skin is increased and when we're lacking it, skin becomes dull and yucky looking.

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Tip #6: Stay shaded. Don't get me wrong, I love a nice summer glow. But, don't let your skin get cooked by the sun which can cause SO much damage. This is actually a relatively easy fix since there's nothing better than cute sunnies or any type of hat:)

Hope this helps get your skin all sorts of ready for the new season!