The Art of the Cuff: Three Full-Proof Ways to Roll Your Jeans

Remember when rolling your jeans was just that? One fold. Two folds. Done. Times have changed haven't they? And yes, sometimes I spend just as much time deciding on the cuff I want to sport as I do actually getting dressed! And come on...I can't be the only one who's stood in front of the mirror with two different rolls trying to decide which cuff I like best?

While the number of ways to cuff are just about endless, there are always a few points to remember: 1) Cuffs look best with slimmer fit jeans, 2) The same cuff on the same jean will look different with different shoes and top silhouettes and 3) When wearing boots, aim for a cuff that skims the top of the shoe. Below are my favorite ways to cuff:

The Single Cuff: By far, I wear this the most, likely because it's the easiest, but also, because it looks good with so many different jean and shoe combos.

How to Cuff your Jeans
How to Roll Jeans with Boots


The Lazy Chic Cuff: I love the juxtaposition of a lazy cuff paired with a super chic outfit! It's so easy to master - roll jeans once about an inch up. Take one side and start to roll again, but don't finish. You can pull slightly taut if you like (I did not below). Also, I like to either start the 2nd roll from the inside of each leg, or the outside, not one leg one the inside, one on the outside. That might just be me being a little OCD though:)


Casual Cuff: I love this cuff with flats or reminds me of the way you roll your jeans to avoid the water when strolling on the beach. Start with a single cuff of about 2". Fold the bottom up about 1" (creating a finished cuff of approximately 1") and pull taut.

Best Ways to Cuff your Pants

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Thanks for reading loves! What's your favorite way to cuff???