Where I Purchase My Workout Wear

**This post contains merchandise given to me in collaboration with Gordman's. Opinions my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support my blog! This post also contains affiliate links.

Happy Sunday everyone! I always get to this point on Sunday and wish there was just onnnne more day - honestly, I think I might become a politician and run on mandatory 3-day weekends. 

Cute Clothes to Workout In.jpg

Now that the weather is changing I'm getting my butt into gear and working out regularly, which also means I'm needing some new workout gear. Anyone else feel like all the cute stuff is SO expensive??? I don't know about you, but, I have issues with paying an exorbitant amount of money for clothes that I'm just going to sweat it and get gross, buuuuut...it's me, so, I still want to look put together. Below, I'm sharing the spots I typically purchase my gear, plus what I save on and the one area I splurge.

Workout Clothes.jpg

For CUTE workout clothes: Gordman's. Have you all been to Gordman's lately? Since about Christmas time, I've been especially obsessed with their workout gear. So cute guys. And the best part, it's all super inexpensive. These Jessica Simpson pieces I'm wearing in these photos were next to nothing - the entire outfit came in right around $20. Such a bargain!

Workout Outfits for Women.jpg

For sports bras: Kohl's clearance racks. Anyone shopped for a sports bra lately? The good ones are so expensive! So if you're trying to buy enough to get your through at least a week's worth of workouts...you're checking out with basically the equivalent of a weekend getaway. Too much! From time-to-time I like to peruse the Kohl's clearance racks for my favorite brands' of sports bras, for up to 70% off - usually just $5-$7! 

Cute Workout Outfits.jpg

For running shoes, I splurge (kinda), at Shoe Carnival. As soon as my running shoes go bad, I can feel it. My feet ache and my lower back gets so sore and stiff. While I could name a million stores that have running shoes I like, I tend to go to Shoe Carnival because they typically have a BOGO 1/2 off going on that I like to take advantage of. The shoes I'm wearing in these pics can be purchased here, or check out the this pair or that pair, which I just purchased this weekend.

I think that covers it....where do you get most of your workout gear from?