Cute Winter Accessories, Wild Style and Tips to Conquer Your To-Do List

Eek!!! Happy Thanksgiving week friends! I absolutely LOVE this holiday and getting to spend it with my family. Of course, the food and some time off from work doesn't hurt either:)

While I'm excited for the end-of-the-week festivities, the one thing I'm struggling with is my to-do list. It's really long. Like...realistically, I know I can't get everything done that's on it in the time frame I've given myself. And while for some people a list that long is extra inspiring, for me, it's the opposite. When my to-do list goes on forever, I tend to procrastinate more and focus less. Weird? Probably. BUT, I do have a few techniques I use to help:

1) I wake up early, even on the days I don't have to. Actually, I always get up pretty early...its just so much easier to get things done outside of the regular daily bustle.
2) I sleep. Since I get so much accomplished when I'm up and moving early in the day, I try to get to bed and actually go to sleep earlier in the night. No playing around on social media, no reading past a certain time, etc.
3) I say no, and don't feel guilty for doing so. I'm not Wonder Woman after all - if I want to accomplish my goals, I actually have to make the time to do so. That sometimes mean's saying no to things I'm not obligated to say yes to. I'm good with that.
4) I keep things tidy. Not because I'm a clean freak, but because messes are distracting.

 So, now that I'm ready to take on the rest of the week, lets talk style! If you're in the Midwest, welcome to winter! I sometimes think my non-Midwest living friends don't believe me when I tell them we can go from one season to the next in a day's time. Literally. Just like what happened last week - one day we were all saying how much we love fall, the next we were complaining about how much we hate winter. Despite the cold, I did manage to snap a few pics of my "wild" outfit (faux-fur pom pom hat, safari vest, leopard sleeve top). I don't even think you can tell I was giving my best side-eye to each and every snowflake that occasionally fell from the sky.

I picked up this adorable beanie from Target's Buck Stop over the weekend and while it isn't available online, I've linked to a few of my favorite winter accessories, all under $15!

Animal Print Outfits
beanie with fur pom pom
Target Daily Deals
beanie with pom
Safari Vest

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