Fun Girls Night In and Girls Night Out Ideas for the Holiday Season and Beyond

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What in the world guys! It’s December!!! I’m not sure how that happened, but here we are, ready or not.

Fun Things to Do with Friends this Season

I kind of have a love hate relationship with this month. I looooove all the lights and glitter. But I hate how crazy-busy it is. Does anyone else kinda, maybe sometimes, just want a super casual get-together with friends, that doesn’t require too much prep-work and is more, “come as you are?” Haven’t managed to get out of the pajamas? Totally fine (well, for some of these things). No time to cook a gourmet meal? Pizza is gourmet right?

Instead of fancy-schmancy, I have five fun ideas for get-together’s with your friends, all of which are super casual, and limited on the fuss.


1) Friends Scavenger Hunt: Depending on the number of people in your group, each of you come with 1-2 scavenger hunt “tasks” to complete in your neighborhood or town. Split into groups of 2-4. Take selfies as “proof” of tasks completed. The first team back to the specified point (usually where you all are about to meet for dinner or drinks), wins. Ideas include stops for food or drinks at restaurants or bars, a lap at the local ice-skating rink, selfie with a total stranger, good deeds, etc.


2) Cookies-n-Cosmos: This can get fun guys! Either prepare or buy pre-made sugar cookie dough, roll, cut and bake. Cosmo numero uno is of course consumed while cookies are baking. When they’re done, let the decorating begin. Usually, designs are, let’s just say, more “unique” at the end of the evening:)

3) My Favorite Things Gift Exchange: Set a price limit and ask all guests to put together a gift of their favorite thing (or things) at or under that price point. So, if the limit is $20, the gift might have a candle for exactly $20 or lip balm, body lotion and candy all of which total $20. When everyone arrives, everyone picks a name and gets their gift! Just remember, each participant should pick out actual favorite things, not just random items for that price.


4) Pizza and Wine: I know this seems basic, but OMG, I could totally use a girls night in, in my coziest clothes with my favorite pizza, some wine and lots of girl-talk.

5) Present Wrapping Party: Let’s face it. Wrapping allllll the presents can be time-consuming and one of those things we put off till the last minute. Instead, make a party out of it. Order takeout, have a drink, and it instantly becomes the most fun you’ve ever had wrapping presents.

If you have any fun type of get-togethers, don’t hold back! Share them in the comments below:)


Cute Cold Weather Outfits for Less

Now on to outfits. Two weeks in a row (here and here), I’ve brought you flannel, so, it’s time for something new, right? I do love cute and casual winter outfits and this off-shoulder sweater with pretty bralette, boots and denim is perfect for winter. Cozy chic in winter is definitely my go-to vibe so get ready friends, I’m sensing lots of sweaters and boots in my blog’s future:)

Each of these pieces (except for the beanie, which we’ll chat about a little lower in this post) is old, however, below, I’ve found some similar styles. I also want to use this time to share one of my VERY favorite tips for finding inexpensive pieces: shopping outside of the season. This sweater was found in early summer at Kohl’s for under $5! I LOVE shopping clearance racks outside of the season because there are just so many steals to be had!


How to Wear a Beanie (without Ruining your Hair)

Now onto the beanie! If you follow me in Instagram, you got a glimpse of it last week, and there’s still time to enter the giveaway here.

I am SO in love with this cute little guy from Messy Bun Beanies! Any beanie that lets me keep my ponies high and my buns messy while wearing it, is, well, basically perfect in my book. And good news everyone! If you use this link, you’ll not only get special pricing, but you’ll receive free ankle boot socks AND free shipping as well!


Find similar options to my look below!

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