The 5 Clothing Pieces you Need Hanging in Your Closet Today

**This post contains affiliate links. Thank you to Zappos and Born for providing the boots seen in this post!

Latest Trends to Complete All of Your Winter Outfits!


I’m not sure why because everywhere I look I am seeing such cute winter outfits (I know technically it’s fall, but you know. There’s snow, soooo…), but I feel like I always need the most help getting ready in winter. Usually it’s because it’s cold and well, I don’t want to. I’m more of a cozy and comfy kinda girl when it comes to winter looks.

Actually, let me be real honest for a sec, I’m more of a loungewear and not go anywhere kinda girl when it’s cold, but I do have responsibilities that force me out of my winter comfort zone:) That of course, means I need to look, you know, more like a blogger and maybe a bit less homeless. Can anyone else relate?

This leads me to the whole point of this post: the five articles of clothing you definitely need this cold-weather season. I am bringing you a variety of separates because it’s so easy to mix-and match with multiple other pieces. Who doesn’t like versatility, am I right? P.S. Find each of my favorites for the below pieces in the widget above).


The Best Options for Cute Winter Outfits

1) A Plaid Button Down. So yeah, a plaid pattern falls into the “fall trends” category every autumn. But this year I mean it guys. I’ll probably mean it next year too if you’re wondering. I looove flannel because I can wear it SO many ways! It’s obviously easy to pair with jeans and boots but flannel also looks good as the bottom layer under a sweater. Next week I’m showing you a flannel button down with a black pleated skirt (if you saw my insta-stories last week, it’s one of the same outfits I styled for Gordman’s and, it’s the skirt from this post). And of course, there’s the old stand-by. Tied around the waist 90’s grunge style. Oh wait, there’s more (typed that in my best info-mercial voice), I love it as the top layer over a tee or tank too. Phew. That’s a lot of versatility guys.


2) Boots. I think it goes without saying that this time of year, boots and pants, boots and skirts, boots and dresses, just about any boots outfit is golden. I am LOVING these black distressed boots I received courtesy of Zappos. They come in three great colors and are pretty true to size. I usually buy my boots a half to full size too big so I can wear thick socks, or sometimes even two pair of socks when I step out in them. I measure at a 6.5 and these are a 7.5 and fit nicely with my winter socks. If you have big calves these boots “should” work. I also have thick calves, and was able to zip them without a problem, although on my right leg, the zipper moved just a little slower.


3) Slouchy Sweaters. I looooove long slouchy sweaters because they are SO versatile! So if you’re wondering exactly how to wear oversized sweaters, I got you boos. First, with leggings. The oversiz-ed-ness (that’s a word, right?) creates the perfect silhouette with the slim fit of a legging. If you’re not feeling that, do the always popular half-tuck with jeans. Instant chicness. You can also style them with skirts, over dresses and under jumpers. Whew. I told you…super versatile!


4) A Cute Poncho. OMG, I am so obsessed with ponchos right now. I think I’m wearing one Thanksgiving so my family doesn’t notice the stomach expansion that takes place throughout the day. My very favorite way to wear a poncho is (surprise) with jeans and boots, like I did here.

5) Cute Beanies. Last but not least, and this really is mandatory for winter. Ladies, we need cute beanies! There is nothing better to complete any outfit and they do really make them SO cute, you don’t even have to take them off once you arrive wherever you’re arriving. They can also be worn with every single thing I’ve mentioned above, so, total win-win. The above widget is showing some ca-razy cute options and I found an adorable option from Amazon below as well.


That’s all I got you for you ladies. Did I miss anything from your top five? If you haven’t already, check out my new Shopping and Gifts section which is especially perfect this time of year. This week I’ll be showing you some amazing stocking stuffers and gifts under $15! Yay!