Top 5 Reasons you Need Overalls in your Life Right this Very Second

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Ok, I admit it. I LOVE overalls. As in, I think they are the cutest things ever (next to babies, kittens and puppies obviously), and can't believe more of us haven't jumped on this bandwagon. But, word on the street (you know, fiends, acquaintances, random people I spy on when they don't know, etc.), says overalls are a pretty scary thing. Who knew? Well friends, I am here to tell you, there is no need to be fearful of this little trend. You need to embrace it with big loving open arms, and here's why:

1. Overalls give that effortlessly chic vibe. You know how we all want to look like we haven't tried to impress the entire North American continent when we leave the house, even though we just spent 2 hours getting ready and tried on 13 different outfits plus an additional 53 pairs of shoes? Overalls will absolutely disguise the fact that that just happened.

Overalls for Women


2. Overalls are the perfect outfit to accompany 2nd day hair. Or 3rd, or in my case a full week (KIDDING). I promise you my 2nd day hair looks better with overalls though. For real tho.

Denim Overalls


3. Overalls look great with your Adidas. Or Cons. And yellow bags.

Jean Overalls


4. With so many current options, overalls are easy to dress up or down. Somehow it's the universal option that you can make look good when running errands on a Saturday morning, or for drinks with the girls on a Saturday night.

Denim Overalls for Women.jpg


5. Overalls are unexpected. Let's face it, we all have a lot of jeans in our closet, which makes them, well, cliche. BUT, you get yoself a cute lil' pair of overalls and you've added just a little surprise to your wardrobe. And who doesn't want to walk into a room and yell, "SURPRISE!!! I'm wearing overalls!!!", without actually yelling a thing, because, that would be weird?!?

Jumpsuits for Women


I just picked up the pair I'm wearing this spring from H&M but they sold out in about 2.2 seconds. Instead, I'm linking to some other cuties below, plus a few yellow bags because I posted a preview of this look a while back on Instagram and apparently, women like yellow bags:) Find these ridiculously comfy pair of Adidas here, at DSW. Seriously...have you tried these on? I don't own a more comfortable pair of shoes.