Attention NOrthern Indiana Bloggers (and those from the surrounding areas)!

Welcome, welcome welcome…I’m SO excited you’re here! Do you ever feel a little lost when it comes to your blogging lifestyle? You love it, but there is a certain disconnect. It’s easy to feel like a little fish in a big pond. It’s easy to wonder this or that, but searching for answers makes you feel like you’re Alice being led down the rabbit hole?

I totally feel that, which is why I wanted to start this lil’ group for each of us - the amazing bloggers in our neck of the woods. The Northern Indiana Blogger’s Network is a place to connect, grow and learn. Membership includes the following:

  • Weekly (sometimes bi-monthly) newsletters with topics, strategies and ideas to help you grow

  • SEO Strategies

  • Partnership opportunities with “local” brands

  • Product Gifting

  • Periodic get-togethers

  • Pinterest Group Board

Questions? Please email me - Laura@BlackCoffeeBeautiful.com.

Ready to join? Click the link below!