The Best in 2018 Christmas Shirts

My Favorite Christmas Tees and Christmas Sweaters

Who says Christmas sweaters have to be ugly? I know it’s trendy and all, but, I kinda like my Christmas clothes like I like my other clothes: super cute. Is that so wrong? I mean, if I’m gonna be spending money, whatever I’m spending it on isn’t going to be ugly. Anyways, below, I’m showing some of the CUTEST Christmas tops I could find across that thing we call the world wide web.

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Here’s a side note - I spent the evening at Macy’s on State Street in Chicago last night and OMG, they’ve decorated it BEAUTIFULLY!!! My favorite part was the “pink” section. That’s right, an entire section devoted to pink Christmas decor! It made my heart so happy!!! It was just so pretty! I guess that means I am right on trend with last week’s “Pink Christmas Ideas” post. If you didn’t read it, you can find it right here.