Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

What to Get Dad for Father’s Day

If you’re wondering when is Father’s Day exactly? You’re in luck, you officially have about a week and a half (June 16th) before it’s time to present your gifts and impress your dad and/or hubby with the a gift he’ll cherish! Below, I’ve got a collection of of just under 30 ideas, regardless of whether the guy in your life is into tech or fashion, or needs a vacation or is the king of grilling. Keep reading for Father’s Day meal ideas and activities as well!

Father’s Day Activities

Maybe dad’s perfect day consists of sitting on the back porch with family, or if you’re looking for a few other family ideas, see below:

  1. Baseball Game

  2. Mini-Golf or Bowling

  3. Ariel Adventure Park

  4. Escape Room

  5. Explore the trails at a local park

  6. Day trip to a nearby town/city you haven’t been to

Father’s Day Food Ideas

  1. Whatever his favorite food is

  2. Order steaks to grill from Omaha Steak House

  3. Order cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory

  4. Sundae or S’mores bar

  5. Take him to the new restaurant in town

  6. App Meal: that’s right, a meal entirely of his favorite apps!

Whatever your plan are, I hope whoever you’re celebrating has an amazing day!!! Enjoy:)