Must-Have Kitchen Essentials

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Everything You Didn’t Know you Needed for Your Kitchen

For whatever reason, I’m never looking to buy kitchen utensils or other kitchen necessities. I mean, when I use them, I think, “Gosh, I’ve needed a new spatula for about 100 years,” but it’s never something I go to buy. But, we’re embarking on 2019 and your girl over here needs some fun finds for her kitchen. And OMG, I think I’ve found everything plus a few more items. I mean, how cute is the cutting board below? And I didn’t really know I needed more artwork for my kitchen, but, the dishes really are looking dirty at me again. Practicality-wise, the universal pot cover really would come in handy as I have a million-and-one pots and pans with missing covers or broken handled covers. Anyway, peruse the fun selection below and let me know what you’re loving! Cheers to cute kitchens!