Buying and Selling Guide for Thriftfluencer

FAQ for Buyers:

Why am I being charged shipping on every item? Items are coming from different people and locations throughout the US requiring a shipping fee for all items. This is true of places like Ebay and Poshmark as well.

I purchased an item that was not as described. What should I do? Please email Laura right away ( for further instructions. We strive to make sure each item is received in the exact condition it was described and shipped. Sellers will typically take photos of their items prior to being placed in the package to ensure items are received in the same condition they were shipped in.

When will my item arrive? You can select from USPS Priority or USPS Priority Express. Sellers are highly encouraged to ship their items within 24 hours (1 business day) of purchase.

What types of payment do you accept? We accept all major credit or debit cards plus Apple Pay and Paypal.

FAQ for Sellers:

What makes Thriftfluencer different than other sites for used goods? Thriftfluencer is by application only - not everyone can sell here, just other bloggers and influencers. We have SO much power in our numbers ladies! By sharing our items (and others’ here on this site) with our followers and subscribers, we all have a better shot of succeeding (aka, selling).

How much can I make using Thriftfluencer? How much you make is determined by how much you sell and how many items you list. Thriftfluencer will keep 13% of the sale of each item, much lower than fees from other sites.

Do I receive the money customers pay for shipping? Yes! Customers can select flat rate fees of Priority ($5.50) or Priority Express ($20). If you feel your item will cost more to ship, that difference can be added to the selling price.

How should I price my items? That’s entirely up to you! I personally like to use similar sites to check the prices on similar or the same items I am selling. You can also “price to sell” and price the item under what you’ve found on other sites.

Are their benefits in paying for my own page? YES! When you have your own page, you can direct your readers/followers directly to your page. Additionally, you will receive two backlinks to your blog. Those with pages will also receive a selling package, with thank you notes for customers and tissue for wrapping. Lastly, those with pages will be eligible for monthly bonuses and gifts:)

What kinds of items can I sell on Thriftfluencer? You are more than welcome to sell new and gently used designer goods, and other items from your favorite shopping locations. small home goods, and new beauty/makeup products are also acceptable.

What should my pictures look like that I submit? Clean and uncluttered. At least one image should be a basic white or light background. The other images should show the details or even the product in use (images you’ve already taken for your blog or social accounts). What would you want to see prior to purchasing from an online store? Think about that when submitting your pictures. Images should be shot in a square format (1:1).

Should I tell potential customers if my product is damaged? Yes, yes and yes! If items are not as described when received, customers will have the option for a refund. It would be wise to even show a picture with the damaged area included. Please price accordingly if selling something with wear-and-tear or other marks.

Do you have any affiliate program? Not yet, but stay tuned….

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