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How are you beautiful, so glad you stopped by! I’m Laura, a life and style blogger, coffee lover (isn’t everyone?), entrepreneur and shoe collector😉😉 You’ll find me in the Midwest, Valpo, Indiana to be exact, out for a run, sitting in front of my TV bingeing The Office, or taking/editing, creating content or chillin’ with Lil’ Pete (my cat)!

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My Content

While I loooove fashion, I’m also on a pretty strict budget, so you won’t find a ton of designer options here or constant shopping hauls. Instead, you will see a mix of style and beauty options that are practical, both in cost and wearability. I’ll also be sharing my favorite easy recipes, travel details and the occasional blog/tech post for all of you fellow-bloggers out there. My style is real - a mix of dressed up and casual - which actually really is me. I'm literally in running shoes one minute and heels the next...and I do love my heels! 

Who I've Worked With:

  • Banana Republic

  • Samsung

  • Kroger

  • Tupperwear

  • ROC Skincare

  • Gordman’s

  • White Claw

  • Purple Mattress

  • And Many More!

I started blogging really as a way to unleash my creative side, but what I found was so much more. It just seemed like creating was exactly what was filling a void in my life. I jumped on the blog band wagon when it first emerged years ago posting reviews and pieces of clothing that I liked. And now, it’s morphed into something SO different. I’ve learned photography basics (I take and edit all of my own pictures), I’ve worked with some of the most incredible brands and truly had some absolutely AMAZING experiences. While I started a blog to “share,” I’ve continued to blog for career-fulfilment.

I L-O-V-E LOVE hearing from you - I feel so rewarded knowing that I’ve had any impact in any of your lives. Everytime someone messages me to tell me, “I love that top so much you posted, I had to get it too!” I’m seriously like, “wow - I influenced!” That’s amazing to me, so THANK YOU for reading my posts, following on my social channels and supporting me in whatever capacity. I appreciate you so much!!!!

If you’re ready to learn more, you can find a blog post to read here, shop some of my Instagram looks here or shop my online thrift store here.