21C Hotel Review, Lousiville + What I Did Last Week

Wondering where to stay in Louisville, KY? Let me tell you all about 21C Hotel.


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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of my posts last week and noticed Dorothy was not in Kansas anymore. Also, Laura was not in Indiana. While Louisville might not be Oz, I had So. Much. Fun. with some of my blogger friends I had the privilege of meeting last spring in St. Louis. While I thought that trip was fun, it didn’t compare to Louisville, as now we all knew each other and hved been following each other for months. Anyways, I’ll get to that in a little, but lets talk 21C Museum Hotel.

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Have you ever stayed in one of these boutique hotels? Just as posh as any boutique hotel you might expect, 21C is an actual art museum guys and OMG, so cool! With just under 10 locations, mainly throughout the Midwest (plus one coming soon to Des Moines, IA), each hotel has different pieces and exhibits do change from time-to-time.


Admittedly, not all of the art is my personal style. There were times I would like up and notice I was staring at very naked people. Not really my thing. However, the Dress Up, Speak Up Exhibit was beautiful. And everywhere you turned, there were fun installations and contemporary pieces throughout. The wall next to the elevators was kind of like a digital footprint of the guests waiting for their “rides” up to their floors, with letters falling from the sky onto their reflections. Super cool!

21C Hotel Rooms


Most importantly though, the rooms are absolutely amazing. Upon entering, guests are greeted with a complimentary Nespresso coffee and tea bar, as well as the wet-bar (not complimentary). Just past that area is the bathroom. This is always where I fall in love with, or vow to never stay again, at any given hotel. I’m happy to report, theirs was gorgeous. Surrounded with subway tile, it’s a clean, bright space with luxe Malin + Goetz amenities, including a mint shampoo that I adored.


The room is equipped with everything you might need on your stay - a large mirror (important to any blogger), dresser, desk, arm chairs and a bed you won’t want to get out of when your alarm goes off. It really was heavenly.

What to do in Louisville, KY


I had never been to Louisville before but OMG, I wish I could have had a day or two just to explore. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t as I pictured it would be, in a good way. The area we were in was architecturally very cool. Lots of old brick buildings that looked as if they’d been there forever lined the streets which were also lined with statues, flowers and cute benches. Louisville also has museums for everyone - the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, Frazier History Museum and Conrad’s Castle are all on my list for next time.


Soooo, on to the fun part…why I was there! I know I had mentioned this in a newsletter (you can sign up here), so to some of you, it’s old news. However, last winter, 15 amazing women, mostly bloggers, were selected to sit on a fashion panel, where we are able to give opinions, talk fashion and hear both consumer and business perspectives. While at this time, I can’t disclose too many other details, it has truly been such a blessing, not just for the opportunity (which is in itself amazing), but to meet such a fun group of women. It’s crazy to think that a year ago at this time, I didn’t know any of them, and now I’ve been given these amazing friends that I’m truly thankful for:) We have just one more trip left together this winter and the fact that we don’t have any other scheduled trips together makes me sad. Tear.


Of course, the second my plane landed in Chicago, I was hit with reality. I got stuck in traffic. And when I got home and started making supper, I dropped a glass jar of (almost) full olive oil on my floor and it of course shattered. And to be honest, cleaning up olive oil is really not all that fun. And if anyone tells you it is, they’re totally lying.

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The rest of this week should be a good one - a little bit of downtime, coffee meetings, practices and blog writing/picture taking. But nothing crazy (as of right now);)

Hope your October’s have started out good - who’s already done allll the fall things?