Why It’s Important to Prep for Cold and Flu Season Before Cold and Flu Season

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You guys! Can you believe 2018 is coming to a close? The weeks ahead will be a blur and while we don’t need any reminding that cold weather and the holiday season are here, we do need reminding that we are now entering what I not so affectionately refer to as “sick-season.” That’s right, colds and the flu, coughs and chills are headed our way.

So here’s a novel idea: why don’t we prepare for the season prior to it actually hitting? If you’re like me, you wait until you start to feel bad before making sure your medicine cabinet is stocked. Last season was the worst! I came down with a fairly bad cold that of course, didn’t really hit until about the time I was prepping for bed. Did I have anything to help? Of course not (that would have been way too easy). Instead, I laid in bed for about two hours feeling worse and worse until I decided I needed to get up and go get medicine.


Just what everyone wants to do…head outside in the middle of the night (literally), while it’s not just cold, but snowing, to find medicine I knew months before I would eventually need. Raise your hand if that’s ever happened to you???

How Kroger Can Help Make Cold and Flu Season Easier than Ever


That said, here is a friendly reminder: Kroger has everything you need, right this second, to make sure the above scenario doesn’t happen to you this season! The bonus, you’re already going there – whether for groceries, the Flu shot or to check out their new DIP clothing line. So go ahead, name one good reason why you shouldn’t be prepping for sick-season now. I’ll wait.

So, let’s chat for a minute about some of this season’s must-have options for those times you’re feeling a bit under the weather:

1. Did you know Kleenex® Ultra Soft Tissues offer 3-Ply softness? You read that right, THREE plies help to deliver gentle care and relief. And honestly, when our noses start running, what’s more dependable (and handy) than a box of Kleenex? Offering ultimate softness to help keep irritation at bay, I love being able to stock up with a 4-pack just once per season.


2. Ohhhh, friends, I am just adoring the Lipton Wellness Range! Each flavor is carefully made with selected botanicals and a blend of essential oils, whether you’re sick or not, this is sure to become a part of your everyday routine. The Bedtime Bliss is my personal favorite as its’ herbal infusion sings you to sleep, like a lullaby in a cup* :)


3. Guess what? Theraflu is ready to be brewed with your single-serve coffee makers! The Theraflu Power Pods Daytime Severe Cold (also available in Nighttime Severe Cold) work quick, to relieve even your severe symptoms. The pods help to temporarily reduce fevers and temporarily relieve the following nasty cold symptoms: minor aches and pains, headache, nasal and sinus congestion, cough due to minor throat and bronchial irritation and minor sore throat pain. Press. Sip. Relief. I like it! Although, what’s not to like about powerful relief without a prescription?

You can save $2.00 on any ONE (1) Theraflu Power Pods through 12/8, via this digital offer

I’ve already shopped at my nearest Kroger, in LaPorte, IN for all of the above and this year feel ready for my next cold. And look what savings are just waiting for you:

  • Kleenex is offering FREE Home Delivery (where home delivery is available) Offer valid 9/4 - 11/11/18
  • Check your in-store circular for the 11/4 coupon for .50¢ Off Kleenex Facial Tissue or Wipes.
  • Also look for the $1.50 coupon on 4-pack Kleenex Facial Tissues, for Kleenex Germ Removal Wet Wipes.
  • And, 11/4-11/24 you can get .50¢ off Kleenex 4-pack bundles and Kleenex Wet Wipes via this digital offer.
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