How to Make an Easy Drink with White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer

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Easy Drink Recipe to Try This Weekend

Even though I don’t have kids, my schedule changes dramatically every mid-August and there are weeks I absolutely feel like I cannot keep up. This past week, it officially hit me. I could hardly keep my eyes open past 8:00 p.m., yet I still had a million things to do. And even though I set a curfew for myself of 10:00 p.m. every night, I was lucky to be in bed by midnight.

These are the times when I am especially aware of foods and drinks that don’t just taste good, but are EASY to whip up. When friends come over, I love having items on hand that don’t require a ton of time and thought to prepare, or an additional trip to the grocery store to make.


If you tend to feel the same way, I’ve got the perfect drink recipe for you, all thanks to White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer. Have you had a chance to try it yet? It’s quickly become my go-to option for many reasons, including the fact that it’s SO refreshing. It’s also not a sugary concoction and for anyone (like me) trying to cut back on sugary foods and drinks, this is a no-brainer.

I also appreciate that this blend of seltzer water is made with White Claw’s gluten-free BrewPure® alcohol and only natural flavors. The result? 5% alcohol, only 100 calories and 0g carbs! While it really is refreshing straight from the can, I thought it would be fun to flavor it a bit, but still keep it light and refreshing AND simple (because, my schedule ain’t gettin’ any easier)!


White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer Recipe

I’ve created this easy cocktail that you and your guests are certain to appreciate. Perfect with a salad after a long day, or a great option for the random and unplanned end-of-summer get-togethers. Those unplanned evenings tend to be the most fun, am I right? And you need to be able to create something that flows right along with the fun. Enter this gem:

Basil-Mintberry White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer Recipe

- 1 Can White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer
- 1-2 Fresh Mint Leaves
-1-2 Fresh Basil Leaves
-Fresh Frozen Blueberries (any berry will work) to Garnish

Start by washing mint and basil leaves, then pat dry. Add leaves to glass and muddle for about 30 seconds. Add chilled White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer and ice (if desired). Top with frozen blueberries.


Like I said earlier, this is SO easy!!! The end result is subtle but delicious! The ingredients still keep it nice and fresh, all while remaining “pure.” I’m not one for lecturing, and trust me, I have some foods that I enjoy that aren’t particularly “healthy.” But let’s be honest, the less preservatives, additives, chemicals, etc., we can add to our bodies, the better!

White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer is a great alternative for anyone who enjoys a vodka-soda or light beer (hello, tailgating). Like I mentioned, it’s perfect for spontaneous gatherings, but also for parties you don’t want to be in your kitchen for hours prepping, or missing out on the fun your guests are having while you’re playing host or hostess.

You can pick up your own White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer at your local grocery or liquor store now. Enjoy!