Saving Time and Saving Money with these Tupperware Products

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Easy Weekly Meal Prep

Why is it that the older we get, the less time in the day we have? I know, I know...we're “supposed” to have 24 hours. Same as when we were kids. But, when we were kids…24 hours actually took 24 hours. Now? 24 hours is closer to about 4. We get an hour each for morning, afternoon, and night, and about an hour for sleeping and that’s it. Day over!

When you take into account everything else that needs to get done... like working out, getting groceries, cooking, etc., days are even shorter. It doesn’t seem fair. When I was young, I remember getting bored. Now, I think I’d pay money to have nothing to do. When I was young, “working out,” wasn’t a thing. It didn’t need to be with day long wiffle ball games with my brothers. When I was young, my mom would put ALL the leftovers, veggies, cheeses, etc. in her stash of Tupperware. Oh wait, I guess some things really do never change :)


Only today, my Tupperware is smarter, thanks to the Tupperware line, FridgeSmart®. The FridgeSmart® Set serves as just a few of Tupperware’s options for healthy meal prep. It helps all of us save time (maybe days will now seem like they have 5 hours) and create healthy meal options. I can’t wait to share with you all how my life has been made a little easier thanks to these updated classics. I wonder what they can whip up in my love life?

Let’s first chat about FridgeSmart®. If you’ve followed along here or on my social channels for any length of time, you may have realized I enjoy cooking. In fact, I would say 90% of my meals are home-cooked. And having grown up in farmland with a HUGE garden, I acquired a taste for fresh fruits and veggies. By “acquired,” I most definitely mean I’m a huge snob when it comes to most any produce that comes from a can or the frozen section.

That’s good in that as we all know, fresh fruits and veggies are so healthy for us! The downside? When you’re single and cook most of your meals, after a few days the produce you haven’t used, goes bad. I honestly have felt like I just needed to accept the fact that I would always be tossing the bad produce out at the end of the week.


However, I’ve given up that belief since Tupperware came out with this FridgeSmart® line that has a venting system to help control airflow and moisture, preserving both the life and flavor of your favorite fruits and veggies. It’s like the people from Tupperware stepped into my life, found out what I needed to help make it easier, and then created it.

Each FridgeSmart® container is labeled with a produce chart (that doesn’t fade), showing the proper setting for your fruits and veggies. And guys, there are soooo many size options ranging from small to large, deep and even vertical, that literally, ALL of your favorites have a container that will be sized accordingly.

This week, I’ve used my Tupperware FridgeSmart to help me prep for my week’s meals. Since I have salad at least once and sometimes twice a day, these make it SO easy to quickly grab what I need and I’ve even found myself snacking on these goodies way more than normal. I used to just store produce in the bottom shelves of my refrigerator, but not anymore. They’re right there, center shelf, making them easy to grab. Who needs chips when I have kohlrabi!?!


On the Go with Tupperware

So my weekly fruits and veggies are super fresh, BUT, I haven’t let that be the end of my meal prep. Tupperware makes convenience so dang easy with things like their Big Wonders® Large Bowl Set, the Salad On the Go Set and Snack Cups, that by Sunday, I’ve cooked and prepared most of my week’s meals. That’s so unlike me, that as I was chopping and portioning, I caught myself asking several times, “Who am I?” while creating convenient meals for the week.

Stored in my Big Wonders® Large Bowl Set is cilantro lime rice which is the base for one of my favorite things: rice bowls! I also cook chicken in the slow-cooker then shred it. I only season it with salt and pepper as I’ll use my own sauces and seasonings for a variety of things this week. Like BBQ for sandwiches on brioche with sliced cheddar and several thinly sliced radish slices, taco for the rice bowls, and buffalo when I eat the chicken on one of my salads.


Tupperware’s options for on-the-go salads are a MUST-HAVE for anyone who packs a lunch. It’s nice and deep for a large salad and has a snap-in fork and knife, plus the cutest little mini dressing container you’ve ever seen, which also neatly snaps in place. SO convenient!!! Also, such a better option than fast food.

I adore the snack cups for yogurt, as I like to buy the larger yogurt containers (more cost effective) and they leave me plenty of room to add some of my favorite mix-ins such as berries or granola.

Classic Tupperware


Honestly, it really doesn’t seem like that long ago that my mom was hosting a Tupperware party and she was so excited about it. I remember the women filtering in, eating their snacks and then the consultant took over. I didn’t get it. They were literally going ga-ga over an Egg Server. An EGG SERVER. The consultant didn’t have to do anything to sell it, the women who had it already were declaring it a “must-have!” and the ones who didn’t were talking about how much easier that would make their lives. I just sat there like, “where do they take so many eggs?”

At the time, I never knew how excited I would be about Tupperware, but times change, and I guess it’s true what they say: eventually we really do become our parents. I’m just glad Tupperware is along for the journey.


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