Pass the Guac Please!

Homemade Guacamole.jpg

I have a serious question here everyone. Did you all know how easy it is to make guacamole? Like, is this one of those I-had-no-idea-and-now-feel-juuuuuust-a-lil-stupid things? Because I didn't, and now I do. 

Regardless, I'm so glad I found out, via this recipe from Food Network. You guys HAVE to try it this weekend. Don't get scared by the 1 hour, 20 minute time-frame...that's just allowing it to, ya know...blend flavors for an hour. 

Right click to print or save this recipe!

Right click to print or save this recipe!

Simple guacamole recipe.jpg
Guacamole Recipe.jpg
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For those of you super observant, I know the tomatoes pictured above are not Roma. I ran out;)

Have a happy Wednesday!!